What do you all listen to?

by Jungreis


I’ve posted too much on this topic this term to go beyond that as my response. What do you all typically like? More importantly (to me), what did you like before this class started? Did you like classical music like Beethoven and Bach? The Beatles and The Stones? Were you more into whatever they have playing on Q102 than anything else? (Q102 is the pop music station in Philly. Someone programmed it as a preset in my car, and I don’t know how to change it — the preset, not the radio station.)

I’m mostly interested in the true level of interest in classical music among my classmates. I’m a musician, so even before the class began, I knew about a lot of the composers we’ve studied. I knew that there were pieces that I liked and pieces that I didn’t like. (I also knew that their music became markedly better when it was played on a guitar; there is a clear cause for such bias.)

I’m listening to music right now, and it’s not classical music. It’s “The Test That Stumped Them All” by Dream Theater, so toss DT on that list up top. (The song is about a difficult psychiatric diagnosis, and it still strikes me as an odd song to listen to around finals time.) There’s music from the term that I’ve liked, yet I suspect that none of it will make it into my standard listening regimen. (That’s kind of sad.)  I think that I’m too into guitar-based music for that to happen unless my girl records versions arranged for a guitar.

What do you all like? Do you think that any of the music from Music 30 will make it to your main rotation?