The Japan Pill-Harmonic

by e1ibernstein

Rarely does one encounter both drugs and classical music in the same thought, it’s a connection associated with rock, rap and other genres in music. But the Japan Philharmonic is challenging that notion. How? By offering musical drugs as alternative medicine.

Throughout Music 30 we have learned about the moving, emotional power of music — a power that can have real effects on the body. While listening to Mozart will not make your child a genius (though this craze did exist in the 1990s), listening Mozart and other music helps improve outcomes for people undergoing a medical procedure, helps stroke patients recover, lowers physical and verbal aggression, and regulates heart rate. Music is powerful.

Capitalizing on the growing evidence and public knowledge of music’s effects, the Japan Philharmonic has begun offering pieces of music loaded onto micro-SD cards, stuffed inside of prescription packages, to treat different ailments. Why? As a method to draw bigger audiences to their concert halls. It is well known that orchestra audiences are shrinking as newer generations seem to spurn classical music. By dealing musical alternative medicine, the Japan Philharmonic is hoping to make classical music a larger part of peoples’ lives and introduce the music to others that were disinclined to listen to it before. As LimeLight Magazine further explains, “‘For many people, classical music has become something that has nothing to do with them,’ say the orchestra. That was the motivation for them ‘seeking a new idea that will make people understand why classical music should exist.’ They chose to focus on the efficacy of classical music, which ‘works on the human brain and tunes the mind and body system’”. Will their prescriptions actually work? Who knows. But the idea is a novel attempt at addressing a growing problem in the classical music world. So next time you want a good night sleep, drink a glass of water and then take a dose of Mahler’s Symphony No.10.


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For LimeLight’s entire article:,japan-pill-harmonic-claims-brahms-cures-constipation.aspx