I’ve change, have you?

by jennytedori

I’m not one to go online to look for new music to download.  I usually hear something I like and then go buy it or someone will tell me to listen to a certain artist or song.  For this reason I don’t have a wide range of knowledge for music.  Once I download music from a new artist I’ll listen to the artist over and over again until I get tired of it.  The music I do listen to is usually comprised into one or two genres and I don’t sway too far from them.  Ever since taking this music class and experiencing all the different genres it has opened up my mind to so much more music.  It made me think of the impact of composers we have studied more recently, for example Verdi and Paganini.

The Rigoletto opera by Verdi was the turning point for my appreciation for opera and Verdi.    Especially “La donna e mobile”, he created a masterpiece.  Although I don’t sway away from my usual group of music, something that’s been around for more than a hundred years and still turns heads is something worth listening to.  Every time I hear “La donna e mobile” my body is forced to sway slowly back and forth while bobbing up and down, and I can’t control it.

I guess I could say I am stubborn about the music I listen to because I don’t veer away from it, but composers like Verdi have caused me to have a change of heart.  What are some composers that we’ve listened to this year that have left a lasting impression on you?  What music do you now listen to routinely after hearing it from the classroom?