Non-musicians Listening to Music

by Jungreis

I am unable to approach anything in this class (or music in general) as someone who is not a guitarist. I listen to a lot of music because I like the guitar playing. When the guitar is absent or used merely in a supporting role, I listen to the violin (or whatever) line and think about the techniques and note choices; this is difficult to do with something played on the piano.

I have to think that I am not so bizarre in listening to music to hear my instrument on display. A sax player music get a kick out of hearing a crazy jazz saxophone solo. (I’ll assume that a sax player likes jazz; this strikes me as necessary to play the saxophone.) Violinists must have really liked the in-class video of the Paganini piece (or they got really depressed, which can also happen when you hear someone who is really good).

A few weeks back, someone posted a video of a Mozart piece played on just one acoustic guitar. It was really cool. That’s the way that I think about most of what we listen to in this class.

For the non-musicians, how do you listen to music?

Conversely, how to the classical musicians listen to the music from this class? Are any of the singers offended by the strong presence of instrumental music, particularly as of late?