Beethoven Flashmob

by shikuang

Check out this flash mob of Beethoven’s Symphony NO. 9, Ode to Joy. I’m not sure about you guys, but I have never seen a flash mob of people playing classical music. I’ve seen street performers, but nothing like this. In the first few minutes, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be just a couple of people playing violins and cellos on their chairs. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, in less than thirty seconds after the first guy started playing the cello, more and more people in black started coming to the stage and play. Their chorus blew me away! It started to feel like a concert (a free one too!… well technically it cost 25 cents for the little girl who paid for the whole ordeal). Babies were clapping, little kids were dancing and adults even sang along. You can tell that the audience were enjoying every second of their performance. The way they filmed the video made me feel like I was there myself.

From this video, I realized that classical music could be played in different settings, purposes, or anything that you can think of. I think if classical music is played in various ways such as this, people will enjoy and appreciate it more. There are definitely some people who don’t particularly enjoy classical music. I think that if we approach classical music differently, we can all get something out of it. The flash mob is a great example to get all kinds of people (who honestly might have not heard a single classical piece) to come together to listen a great classical piece. There was a blog post earlier about a musician mixing classical and pop music together, which received many positive responses. Mixing classical with some modern pieces can be a great way to attract others to listen to more classical music.

What do you guys think? How else can we approach classical music so that more people can appreciate and enjoy it more?