My Dog Sings Along?

by Jungreis

I remarked earlier that my mountain dog (not the one in my picture) howls whenever I play in D minor, and this is indeed the case. The natural question is to ask why he howls. Most people say that he wants me to stop playing in the saddest key of them all. This is probably true, but is it possible that he’s trying to join me?

Do not dismiss this just because he’s a mountain dog. First, if he were really bothered, there are other ways for him to let me know, and he does most of them every day that I see him. Second, birds and marine mammals sing, so there is precedent for animals making music.

Has anyone heard of any kind of study that explored synchronizing animal songs? Go a step further: has animal/human music ever been explored? There have been some weird studies about animal psychology. These might have happened.

Could you imagine a directed chorus of whales?