The Finnish Are Coming

by Jungreis

Someone asked “What happened to opera?” since we Gen Y folks evidently don’t like it.  A dude from Finland whose name I can’t pronounce was listening to Megadeth one afternoon with his friend Tarja (TAR ya).  They were of course singing along to the music.  The dude realized that Tarja was an opera singer, and her singing metal was kind of interesting.  He gathered some friends whose names I can’t pronounce, and started a metal band with Tarja handling the singing.

(Yes, I made up that story, but it could have happened that way.)

Anyway, the result was Nightwish.

I suspect that the people who would like Nightwish already know a bit about the band, any those who do not know the band would dislike a lot of their music.  Nonetheless, this is an interesting merging of two musical styles.

There are in fact a number of bands that try to use this same approach of having a female leader singer in a metal band.  I’m guessing that some of the videos link to these bands.