Follow-up to today’s class

by Vanessa Williams

Here’s the link to the full performance of Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1 by Lang Lang, if anyone wants more of those pianistic fireworks!

And if anyone wants to listen to more of Nabucco, here’s the link to the performance that we showed part of:  If we’d had more time, I had been going to show Abigaille’s aria when she discovers that she’s not really Nabucco’s daughter – it starts at around 42 minutes in, and involves a lot of on-stage fire, so that’s always fun to watch.

What did you think about Tony’s comments about the ‘reprise’ of ‘Va pensiero’ at the end of the performance?  Do you think it sounds like a good idea?  Do you think the audience will get as involved as the director is hoping for?