What happened to Opera?–copej

by mariaelainemurphy

You’re a college student, so you probably read BuzzFeed. Give this article a look through.


I think the point clearly comes across. I’ll be honest; I don’t really enjoy opera. However, I do deeply appreciate the artistic qualities of opera, a genre many people often have a skewed perception of. I, for one, have always associated opera with painful drives to and from Hebrew school. Carpooling with kids you aren’t friends with can be tough enough. Now try adding their parents’ opera CDs to the mix—truly agonizing. Back to the point: opera has a place in today’s music scene. Revisit the BuzzFeed post, and actually listen to each singer, even for a few moments. Have you ever heard something like that? The range and precision demonstrated by these artists is absolutely unthinkable. Add to the mix the fact that they are performing live. Think about the music we listen to on a daily basis (Top 40). Not many of the superstars you’re thinking of can the vocal capabilities of those unrecognizable opera singers. Don’t get me wrong, Robin Thicke, Katy Perry, and Jay-Z are all super talented. I’ve seen Bruno Mars and Macklemore live, and they both sounded better than their recordings. But what about someone like Selena Gomez? She is the definition of an autotuned, manufactured star. She’s digitally processed and mastered to sound good. Once again, I’m not suggesting anyone make a 180 degree turn and listen solely to opera. I enjoy pop, hip-hop, and EDM equally if not more than most people. But take an extra second to critically listen to the music you listen to. I suggest we keep our ears open to opera in an effort to broaden our musical palate.