by jennytedori

I went to the screening of L’Orfeo and I am happy to say that I was able experience how opera/L’Orfeo is able create a strictly musical world and move listeners. While I was sitting there wondering how my first taste of Opera would feel like I pictured myself starring at the screen, not getting anything out of it and counting down the minutes till I leave.  But, believe it or not, I actually enjoyed L’Orfeo.  Before watching L’Orfeo I have had no prior knowledge of opera.  For instance whenever I heard of people going to the opera as a hobby I would think they’re crazy.  Until now!  I’m not saying I’m in love with opera, I’m just saying that I didn’t hate L’Orfeo.   So as I sat in the screening room watching L’Orfeo I was intrigued wondering what would happen next, how would Orfeo ever be able to be with his wife again?  The musical world L’Orfeo created was very interesting.  One was able to determine if it was a happy or sad time depending on the tones of the music, the feel they got from certain songs or the facial expressions.  The nymphs dancing all over the place, I think, were what really made the musical world come alive and grab the attention of the audience.  I am a prime example of how Orfeo was able to move listeners; you could tell how he was trying to sing from his heart right into your heart.  One aspect that really helped move me, which I know are never there, were the subtitles.  I was able to connect with the performers with what they were saying, instead of just listening to the songs.  I prefer this connection but would also be able to enjoy L’Orfeo by sitting in the audience just watching and listening.  I wonder what other people thought of L’Orfeo, whether they had prior experience or not.